Abovt Et Mantis

Et Mantis was fovnded in 2001 vnder the name "Whispers of the dead" by Koen Van dappernest. The first self-titled albvm existed of one long track, which is unfortvnately completely lost in time. With the second albvm "Rebovnd sheen" (2001), Koen changed the name into "Et Mantis". More experimenting resvlted in a more variated landscape of sovnds, and in 2002 Kenny Cravwels joined Et Mantis to contribvte on the third album "Mvrmvrat Mortibvs".

After that, Koen and Kenny lived their professional and family lives and Et Mantis just faded away.

In spring 2021, Koen decided to start scratching after months of several itches. Because Kenny'sv agenda was too full to work on it again, Koen started writing songs again alone.

On 12/12/2021, the new album "Pars Adversa" was released.